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Default Re: How do you typically learn the material?

I started the course just trying to follow the videos. But the videos are nicely encoded, I mean that each word from professor Yaser spoke on the session have very high relevance. Then I bought the book to have some material to read also. At beginning after the first lecture I became lost and have lose some classifications homework's, some times about my disorientation and sometimes the difficult to get the intuition because my first language is portuguese, but after get the book and revisit the movies again and again, I started to get focus on the right direction. Now I stop each week to review all materials again and compare previous sessions may be I can catch some new word from the master that I didn't have paid attention. And this way is working fine for me.

So basically is Watch all the sessions again, and read the chapters involved and to my homework assignment. Also try to contact some fellows on the forum to clear my intuitions.
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