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Default Re: How do you typically learn the material?

This is an interesting question indeed. Of course, different people will have different studying habits. But, I guess, how to learn in MOOC is an interesting stuff to know.

This is what I do:

I first review all the prior lectures (by looking into the slides of the previous week's lectures). Then, I look into the current video's lecture slides. Then, to borrow Professor's term, I snoop into the homework questions. After the first homework - this became my assumption: the key learning the Professor wanted to impart on us for that week is present in the homework. The choices for the homework are so well chosen; So, this helps me to really concentrate more on the lecture and its key points.

Generally, I watch the videos just once. I take some notes during the lectures. I do pause very often and think on what has been told. So, approximately, the entire process would take close to 2 hours.

I try to finish off both the videos by friday and start the homework over the weekend (and finish it by tuesday morning)
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