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Default Re: To the Class of Spring 12

Interesting to hear a couple "old dogs" above talk about going back to school. I've had similar thinking, which is one of my motivations behind taking classes like this one. I've now tried the range of "try it, free!" classes online, including last year's from Stanford, plus Coursera, Udacity, MITx, and this. A good way to see if I'm ready for grad school again, without investing money or the risk of losing face. My interest is computational cognitive neuroscience, so I can figure out how to build the kind of robots that engineers don't know how to do. My conclusion: I don't think my wife is up for being ignored for the next several years.

Many thanks again to all here. It's been fantastic. I'm not gonna compare apples and oranges and match this class against the others -- they're all different and each has its advantages. I do think this class was very well done. That was a big factor in keeping me interested, in spite of a very high degree of challenge. Definitely looking forward to any follow-on class.
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