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Lightbulb Re: To the Class of Spring 12

What an amazing learning experience! I'm very grateful for such an opportunity. And within my price range! ;-) I would be embarrassed to say just how many hours I've devoted to this class. But it was all time very well spent. Many of the homework and final exam questions were surprisingly thought provoking, and often resulted in interesting discoveries, both theoretical and practical. This course was an excellent follow-up to the ML course offered by Coursera (an MIT course). Much thanks to Yaser for making all this possible. His insights run deep, and he has a remarkable gift for simple and clear explanations of what could easily be confusing material. Thanks too to all the TAs and other's who have worked so hard on this course (despite no doubt having a few other things to do), and to all who have contributed to this forum. Many of the discussions here were very illuminating and provided diverse perspectives. I hope to delve ever deeper into this fascinating field, despite my turning 60 a week ago. Perhaps I can spend the second half of my life having fun work/playing with ML!
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