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Default Re: To the Class of Spring 12


They say that a fool can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer...

Somehow you managed to be the single wise man that answered all the questions of the hundred fools (no offence intended ) on this forum, including me. Being in a different timezone, I noticed that you even took time in the deep of the night to answer (percieved) unclarities and questions, in particular the last days of the final exam.

Many thanks for that, and more in general, for the very interesting course, your great teaching style and the challenging questions and problems you put to us.

I hope some time, some day, when you and your team have recovered from this 'tour de force', there will be a follow up class. For now I go spend some time with my family, since they have missed me a little the last couple of weeks. Hope you can do the same!

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