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Default Re: Will this course be offered again in the future?

Originally Posted by amsorribes View Post

I am signed up to the online course of the now winter term 2013, and similarly to the original poster, I am also finding myself in kind of a time-bind right now..

My question, thus, is again if this course will be offered as a parallel session in the future, with homework, deadlines etc?

While I really appreciate the opportunity to study the material on my own at a later time, I think having deadlines for homework really makes one put in that extra effort to master the subject, which will be appreciated after completion of the course!

Thank you for very informative and entertaining lectures!

Hi Amanda,

Since this is the first time the course is offered as a Caltech Parallel Session, it is too early to tell how this will work out and if it will be offered again in this format.

I agree with you that doing the course in a regular session with deadlines and classmates discussing the same material and problems at the same time has distinct advantages, so I hope that regular sessions will be offered again in the future. However, I cannot promise since it depends on a number of unknown factors, including other commitments that may preclude the time needed to do this right.
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