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Default Re: numerical issues

Originally Posted by geekoftheweek View Post
On questions 5, 6, 7 I keep getting answers that are about half way between two possible values. The answers I'm getting make sense to me and because they are not *exactly* halfway between the two answers I am technically able to find a closest value, but that's just chance. I expect that the options are all way off except one right? But that's not what I'm seeing.

For instance, if there are two options: 1 and 10, I might get a value of 5. Yes, 5 is closer to 1 than 10 but not by much, and it's making me have no confidence in my answers.

If we are getting answers that are sort of on the fence like this does that imply that they are dead wrong? Please advise.

For 5 and 6, it's possible that the result is almost halfway between 2 answers, but it should always favor one answer.
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