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Default Re: Bias-Variance Analysis

Originally Posted by sayan751 View Post
1. Please let me know whether I am proceeding in the right direction or not.
2. When I am trying to repeat this process with a polynomial model instead of linear model, my calculated bias for the polynomial model varies in great margin, even if the sample data points doesn't change. For polynomial as well, I took the mean of the coefficients, but still my answer (both g bar and bias) varies greatly with each run. What I am missing here?
1. Your approach is correct. While sampling from a fixed 1000-point set is not the same as sampling from the whole domain, it should be close enough.

2. Not sure if this is the reason, but if you are still using a 2-point training set, a polynomial model will have too many parameters, leading to non-unique solutions that could vary wildly.
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