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Default Re: Discussion of the VC proof

Originally Posted by magdon View Post
Suppose e^{-\frac12\epsilon^2N}\ge\frac14

Then, e^{-\frac18\epsilon^2N}\ge e^{-\frac12\epsilon^2N}\ge\frac14.

In which case 4 m(2N) e^{-\frac18\epsilon^2N}\ge 4m(2N)/4\ge 1 and the bound in Theorem A.1 is trivial.

thanks for the answer. I understand this argument, however this holds also for


or for


Thus the value 1/4 is somehow magic for me.

Edit: I think you choose 1/4 because it is so easy to see, that the RHS of Theorem A.1 gets 1. Nevertheless with a different value you would get a different outcome of the final formula.
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