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Originally Posted by fgpancorbo View Post
With that code I get a v_min which is neither of the suggested. I don't see what I am doing wrong.
The reason you can't see what you are doing wrong is simple: you aren't doing anything wrong!

Q1 asks which of the 5 given answers is closest to v_min. When the professor says "closest" in this course, it doesn't mean one answer is going to turn out to be the expected value of the experiment and you should expect to get an answer close to that, just deviating a little due to chance. Nope. The homework choices often are several standard deviations from the expected experimental result.

For instance, if the expected value of some experiment was 40 with a standard deviation of 5, the homework might give you choices of 1, 10, and 100. None of those are numbers you would ever actually see in your experiment. The right answer in that case would be 10, because abs(10-40) = 30, and that is less than abs(100-40).

I ran your code in Octave, and the result it gave was within 0.0004 of what my Python code gave. I've already submitted mine, and I got it right, so you are fine as long as you correctly pick which is closest to your result.

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