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Default Problem 3.6(a)

I think this is similar to the answer provided for problem 3.5, but I am having a difficult time understanding why, in Problem 3.4, the error is continuous and differentiable at the point y_n\textbf{w}^T\textbf{x}_n=1. I have the three cases looking like this so far:

y_n\textbf{w}^T\textbf{x}_n>1 in which I believe E(\mathbf{x}_n) = 0
y_n\textbf{w}^T\textbf{x}_n<1 in which I believe E(\mathbf{x}_n) = (1 - y_n\textbf{w}^T\textbf{x}_n)^2
y_n\textbf{w}^T\textbf{x}_n=1 in which I believe E(\mathbf{x}_n) = 0

These cases would make y_n\textbf{w}^T\textbf{x}_n=1 non-differentiable because the derivatives from the left and right are different. Am I evaluating the error from the book wrong --> e_n(\textbf{w})=(\max(0,1-y_n\textbf{w}^T\textbf{x}_n))^2?
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