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Default Question about cluster centers RBF basic

During the training phase, the w parameters (w0,w1,w2...wn)are calculated using the training data (as well as the corresponding cluster centers and distance to the training_x points).
During the test phase, new fresh data is generated. In order to get the E_out for RBF basic, we use the w-parameters that were "learned" during the training phase.
During the test phase, we have also generate a new "fi-transform" that contains the distance between the cluster centers and the new x_test points. Do we calculate new cluster centers with the test data (we have all info to calculate new cluster centers with the test data)? Or do we re-use the cluster centers (muk) calculated during the training???? I tried both and I can see some very definite diffs in the results...but I am wondering if the cluster centers defined with training data are representative in the test....
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