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Default Re: Clarification regarding some homework question

Originally Posted by lorddoskias View Post
I'm having problems wrapping my mind around the question which require taking randomly distirbuted points on "[-1,1] x [-1,1]" coordinate. Could someone explain what this exactly mean and give examples as to what a line which was chosen based on this would look like?
Take a number at random from the interval [-1,1] (i.e., a real number between -1 and +1) . Take another number independently, also from [-1,1]. These two numbers are now the coordinates of a point in the plane, and that point lies within the solid square [-1,1]\times[-1,1].

If you do this process a second time, you get another point, also within the solid square [-1,1]\times[-1,1]. The line that connects these two points is the line that separates the two regions in the plane that correspond to the two classes.

Some participants posted plots that show what these look like in other threads.
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