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Default equation 2.13 on page 57

I've been reading the book in parallel with watching the lectures. I think that equation 2.13 on page 57 is wrong or perhaps just misleading. The expression right before equation 2.13 is of the form
N >= const * ln(m(2N)) for fixed eps and delta.
Then equation 2.10, m(N) <= 1+N^d_vc, is used to rewrite the expression as equation 2.13, N >= const * ln(1+(2N)^d_vc)
But all we can really say from these two expressions is
N >= const * ln(m(2N)) <= const * ln(1+(2N)^d_vc)

In other words, I don't see how I can know the sign of the inequality "?" in
N ? const * ln(1+(2N)^d_vc)

What am I missing This seems an important thing, so please help me see my error....
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