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Default *Answer* checking the answer of Q5

Dear all,

The posted answer key to Q5 (HW8) says the answer is "[d] maximum C achieves lowest Ein". However, the answer that comes out of my R program (using library e1071) is "[a] number of SV goes down as C goes up." Just want to make sure if any other people get my answer as well.

To be concrete, I got the following:
1. number of support vectors: 152 54 28 25
2. Ein: 0.007046765 0.004484305 0.004484305 0.004484305
3. Eout: 0.01886792 0.01886792 0.01886792 0.01886792

In other words: Eout remains constant as C goes up. Ein also remains unchanged in C=0.01,0.1,1.

While technically [d] can be correct (Eout is indeed "lowest" at C = 1, but is tied with C=0.01 and 0.1). Given that there is only one answer, maybe [a] is a better answer?
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