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Proposed errata in my printing (1.10? purchased Oct. 2014):
  • Exercise 3.12 last line: "elipses" -> "ellipses"
  • Problems 3.4-3.5: "E_n" -> "\text{e}_n" for consistency with p. 98
  • Problem 3.6 initial description, last line: "most mathematics software have" -> "most mathematics software packages will have" [software is an uncountable noun and hence not considered plural -]
  • Problem 3.11 (b), last part of the trace: "X^T (X^T X)^{-1}" -> "X (X^T X)^{-1}" [extra transpose; matrix multiplication dimension mismatch]
  • Problem 3.13, bottom of p. 113: "More generally, The" -> "More generally, the" [capitalization]
  • Problem 3.14: "the bias and variance" -> "the bias and var", and "What is the variance?" -> "What is the var?" [for consistency with Chapter 2, and to avoid confusion with the variance of the iid noise random variables]
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