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Default Re: Perceptron Learning Algorithm

Originally Posted by lacamotif View Post
Thank you for your reply!
So, y.n for point 2 has nothing to do with point 1, correct?

Also, since w.0, w.1 and w.2 are different numbers, do you need multiple points to assess the values of the three w's?

Further, is updated w like an array, dependent on which n is being chosen, or is it one uniform number that is applied to all x's?
Indeed, the different points in the training data set are treated one at a time by PLA, independently of the rest of the points.

All three components of the weight vector {\bf w}=w_0,w_1,w_2 are simultaneously updated by PLA at each iteration, and there is more than one data point to update {\bf w} depending on which points are misclassified at a given time as the algorithm runs.
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