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Default Re: Coursera release? suggestion

Originally Posted by samirbajaj View Post
I look forward to the prof's "Welcome back..." every weekend, and I'm going to miss it sorely when the course is over.
. I have scheduled this class as if I was actually attending the class onsite. I watch the lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I do the assignments over the weekend (I don't have family obligations to worry about). It feels like working full time and taking a class part time, something that I already did some time ago at Stanford through their SCPD program before I went to grad school full time. I have also taken a Coursera class and I am enrolled to the PGM one. I prefer this format because it is so much closer to the real deal. And as I have said many times, the fact that Yaser himself answers the forum is a huge plus. That said, I think that getting into some kind of religious war about which platform is better is pointless. We should be happy that we all have the opportunity to continue to learn, and from the best in their fields!, without being formally enrolled in school, something that would not have been a possibility just 1-2 years ago.
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