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Default Re: What Quadratic Programming Package?

I also get lots of code 3. In case N=10, approximately 30% of experiments return 3.

Obviously, the algorithm can't settle on a perfect w, and gives me whatever it comes up with on iteration 1000. By the way, changing MaxIter to 100000 did nothing to help the algorithm choose. It still returned 3s, just ran way longer.

By coincidence, in some 50% of the cases, where I see 3, my resulting (b,w) fails to separate the linearly separable 10 points correctly and E_in is positive. Not surprisingly, that same (b,w) loses to perceptron in all those cases. SVM is more likely to win, than to lose, if I only consider experiments with code0.

I don't like this at all. I don't trust those cases 3, and they seem to affect the answers considerably. I have managed to get rid of them with a trick, that I am not sure is quite legal.

Ohh. Those homeworks do make me think!

P.S. Noticed, that in all case3's I get inconsistent b values when using different SVs.
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