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Default Re: What Quadratic Programming Package?

Originally Posted by kurts View Post
Here's the setup that I used for the qp function...
My code uses Octave + qp just like that, and I'm able to find a solution such that E_{in}=0 most of the time.

However, when the margin is very close to the hyperplane itself (e.g. positive and negative examples are too close), qp has trouble finding a solution, resulting in E_{in}>0.

I also increased the maximum number of iterations of qp just to be sure:

opt = optimset ("MaxIter", 1000); % 200 is the default
[alpha, obj, info, lambda] = qp([],H,L,A,blin,lb,[],opt);
My theory is that this has to do with the fact that SVMs have fewer dichotomies than a classifier such as the perceptron (Slide 14#5), but I'm not so sure.
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