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Default Slide 4 in Lecture 6

Someone asked on another forum for clarification of the matrix in Slide 4 of Lecture 6 that lists the table of S_1, S_2^+,S_2^- groupings of the matrix rows, and the TA gave a nice answer by constructing these groupings for the puzzle that was given at the end of Lecture 5:

Originally Posted by Victor Kasatkin

In the puzzle, the table is

1. \ ---
2. \ --+
3. \ -+-
4. \ +--

By definition of S_1, it should consist of those rows which will still remain unique after removing the last column. These are rows 3 and 4. Rows 1 and 2 will coincide after removing the last column, so they go to S_2: row 1 goes to S_2^- and row 2 goes to S_2^+.
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