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Originally Posted by elkka View Post
I currently struggle to understand how to use the build in cross-validation capability. I don't understand yet what exactly I don't understand, but I definitely don't understand something.

Specifically, when using 1-vs-1 classification on the digit set, I get some result for E_in error, that is close to E_out error. But whatever my parameters, the cross-validation accuracy on the problem gives me 99.8% accuracy, which is way higher than E_in or E_out. Any ideas?
	cva = svmtrain(Y, X, '-t 1 -d 2 -g 1 -r 1 -v 10  -c 0.01' );
did you mean that 0,2% (100-99,8) is higher than your E_in and E_out?
Because Accuracy = 100% - E, right?
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