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Default Re: HW 7, Q5 - a bit vague formulation

Originally Posted by tzs29970 View Post
Some things to check:
  • Make sure you are splitting the data into training and validation sets correctly. In particular, for the second set some people have been confused over whether the training set is the first 10 points or the last 10 points.
Wow, I just rechecked the homework formulation and indeed I think I messed that up. The training for the second part (Q3 and Q4) is supposed to be on the last ten points (the same ones we used to validate on the first questions), right ? Whereas the validation will be the first 25 ones, that is the ones we used in Q1 and Q2 we used to train.

If that's what I messed up, then thanks a lot !

(I will try again tonight and let you know if it fixes my issues.)
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