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Question Slides of all lectures in a single pdf

IMHO, consulting 18 sets of slides spanning all the course subjects in order to answer the final exam questions is quite worst than consulting a single pdf file.

So, I merged the 18 sets of slides of LFD into a single pdf file with about 10 MB. I can make it available to the fellow students through Dropbox, in case Professor Yaser agrees. I'll delete the file after the final deadline if needed.

So, I wait for a permission from Prof. Yaser.



EDIT: Prof. Yaser kindly accepted the proposal (see reply below). So there are two links, with or without bookmarks. Obviously the one with bookmarks (the bold one) is much more useful :-)

PPS: Keith (see message below) made a smaller pdf with quite a lot more bookmarks than the ones in my version.

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