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Default Re: on the right track?

Thanks for your reply, reviewed the lecture again and spotted my thinking error.

I changed my code and it now gives Ein=0 for the examples. I still have doubts however whether my code is correct because when I use Lloyds with these examples my Ein is never zero. As a matter of fact my Ein is rather large all the time; I am trying to find the flaw in my code.

What Ein values do you get in these examples when using Lloyds?

I agree that the centers are not calculated according to Lloyds and also agree with your centers. However I think that there are more centers than you have, for example:

[1  , 1]   [1/3, 1/3]
[1/2, 1]   [1/2, 0]
[1  , 0]   [1/3, 2/3]
I have the same experience with LibSVM Ein is zero all the time. I attribute this to the fact that this is hard margin SVM and only the number of support vectors goes up. We are basically overfitting which shows in the Eout.
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