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Default Re: A big thank you from Wellington, NZ!

Originally Posted by catherine View Post
Dear Professor, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your experience and your enthusiasm, so communicative, with us! A big thank you too, to the different teams behind the scene. Everything was absolutely perfect, from the conception of the course narrative to its delivery.
I was sorry to read that this was the final iteration of the course. I was planning to haunt the forum and, with time passing and my expertise hopefully growing, to engage and contribute more actively. I'm certainly hooked, I can't even begin to describe how life-changing your course and some other MOOCs I've had the privilege to take have been for me. Such a beautiful gift!
De tout coeur, merci!
You are most welcome, Catherine. Thank you for the lovely words. Please do follow through with your plans to engage in the forum in the future. While this was the last session, the course remains open to all in a self-paced mode, and I am sure there will be activity here from new participants, albeit less systematic than during a session.
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