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Default Re: Concepts leading to Q6 and Q8

Professor, thank you for relating the coin example to the positive rays and intervals. It clarified what the model is trying to learn.

Ziad, if I understood correctly your example of the convex set, the learning that would take place would be to determine as accurately as possible (Ein = 0) the location of the three vertices of a triangle that only contains dimes within it.

If I may I will just create this one extra post so as not to take too much time away from you… I am now better understanding WHAT the “machine” is trying to learn. I still need to clarify HOW it learns as it relates to the learning-setup diagram discussed at the beginning of class. Could we say that positive rays, positive intervals and complex sets represent three distinct and different learning algorithms (or models) that could be used in the learning-setup diagram? If so, then each of these algorithms has its own Hypothesis Set “H”? If this is the case, then what are the possible concrete hypothesis “h” that go into “H” in the coins problem for each of the algorithms? What exactly goes on in the learning process?

Thank you.

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