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Default Re: on the right track?

Originally Posted by Sendai View Post
I thought it would be nice to have a way to check if we're on the right track with problems 2-5 without giving away the answers. I ran SVM (with the polynomial kernel) for a couple of cases and pasted the results below. Are others getting the same numbers?

0 vs 7 classifier, C=0.01, Q=2
number of support vectors = 861
E_{in} = 0.071778
E_{out} = 0.063241

2 vs 8 classifier, C=0.1, Q=3
number of support vectors = 721
E_{in} = 0.234878
E_{out} = 0.291209
Very good idea. I am using LIBSVM with Python. I got the exact same results, with only slight difference that the numSV for second case was 722.

0 vs 7, Q=2, C=0.01 => Ein: 0.0717781402936 SV#: 861 Eout: 0.0632411067194
2 vs 8, Q=3, C=0.1 => Ein: 0.234878240377 SV#: 722 Eout: 0.291208791209
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