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Default Question 2 - Meaning of /g

I would like to clarify the meaning of \bar{g} in question 2 of the final exam, if possible...

Suppose the polynomial model g^{(D)}(X)=(1+W_D^T X)^Q which is applied to all X in a data (sub)set D. There are N_D data subsets, indexed by d. Under this model, \bar{g} is considered to be:

\bar{g}=\overline{g^{(D)}(X)}=\frac{1}{N_D}\sum_{d=1}^{N_D} (1+W_d^T X)^Q


\bar{g}=(1+\overline{W}^T X)^Q


\overline{W}=\frac{1}{N_D}\sum_{d=1}^{N_D} W_d \qquad ?

In other words, we average the "functional form" of the function, or we average the parameters of the function over the training subsets?

Thanks in advance.
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