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Default Re: on the right track?

Originally Posted by Anne Paulson View Post
Now I have a different problem (sorry to bug you all, thanks for your help). I'm getting the right (or at least, the same) results as the rest of you. But now I can't get answers to Q5 and Q6. I'm getting more than one statement being true, and numbers are not increasing/decreasing monotonically.

Suggestions? Hints?
I managed to reproduce the results earlier in this thread so I also had some confidence until I hit Q5 and Q6.

As I try to figure out what's going wrong, I guess I have one initial question. What are we supposed to do with -h, should we leave it at 1 as by default? -h 0 has no impact on the earlier questions but dramatically changes my answers for Q5 and Q6... and also takes incredibly long to compute.

Also regardless of which setting I choose, I always get the warning for hitting the max number of iterations... Any clues as to why that is or how I can prevent that?

Edit: Nevermind, after hours of trying to figure it out, minutes after I make a post I discover I had fat fingered -d 22 instead of -d 2. However, I am still curious as to what the effect of -h is if anyone knows.
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