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Default Re: large margins and the growth function

Originally Posted by yaser View Post
The generalization result that relates to the margin assumes all the points lie within a limited-size region (so the value of the margin is meaningful relative to that).
Ah, thanks, makes sense. In real problems, parameters often do have only limited ranges.

Originally Posted by yaser View Post
some liberty is taken in distinguishing the hypothesis set from the learning algorithm. The same liberty is also taken in the case of nearest-neighbor classifiers (a simple model that will be mentioned briefly in Lecture 16).
I see now -- it's like with heavy regularization, if the cost of complex hypotheses becomes so exorbitant that they're never chosen in practice, you could just as well say they've been removed from the hypothesis set. If they're rarely chosen, it's as if each hypothesis in the set has a "weight". I wonder if there exists a "fuzzy" version of VC analysis that formalizes this "middle ground" created by margins or regularizers.

Thanks for help!
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