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Default Re: hw2 q10: noise calculation on Eout?

Originally Posted by learnaholic View Post
I hope I can either the Professor or a TA to confirm this. I reread the question, and I still don't read it that way. It does say "consider the target function <blah>" rather than "consider a target function <blah> that has noise".

Can I get confirmation on this? I'm not trying to grade grub here because I'm not taking the class for credit, but I'd like to verify that I am understanding the problem correctly.

The target is indeed noisy. Question 10 prescibes adding noise when E_{\rm out} is calculated by specifying "Estimate it by generating a new set of 1000 points and adding noise as before."

In the course and in the book, we either have noiseless target and noiseless data set, or noisy target and noisy data set. I can see where you are coming from since there are treatments elsewhere in the literature that add noise to the data while leaving the target and the test points noiseless.
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