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Originally Posted by DavidNJ View Post
The problem wording is to find the runs that are not linearly separable with a hard margin SVM. The expectation is that there are some.

Using LIBSVM with C=10^6, Ein is always 0; svmpredict is always 100%. The number of support vectors varies between 6 and 12, mode and median are 8.

Based on the question I was expecting some to be linearly inseparable. I increased the noise level (from .25 to 5.0). Still solved everyone, although the number of support vectors went up.

I tried 1000 points instead of 100. Eout soared, but Ein didn't budge.
How many experiments are you running with 100 diff training points in each?
If you are running enough experiments, you should get some experiments with data that are not linearly separable with the rbf kernel. Are you calculating your f(x) correctly?
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