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Default Re: Question 4 linear regression hypothesis

Thank professor for the reply. I found my current answer is quite close to a similar post last year (i.e., g_hat = 1.42. I pasted that post below). But I could not access to the suggested link for the discussion ( Does anyone know what causes this solution?


Re: Questions 4-6 of Hwk 4 (bias and variance)
Originally Posted by gmathew
I solved this problem very carefully many times. But I am not getting the answers given in the homework solution for 5 and 6. These are the answers I am getting.

I am getting ghat = 1.4272x
bias = 0.5413
variance = 0.4725

Is anybody else getting similar answers? Can the intructor please verify the answers given in the homework solution?

look this topic:
there is a good discussion about these problems
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