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Default Re: Concentric circles in Q10

Originally Posted by IsidroHidalgo View Post
But he says to in #5 "so the origin is effectively arbitrary", so there's a little confusion here for me...
That's what I'm trying to address in my above post.

Let me make my analogy a little more substantial. Let's say your grid and origin are fixed on your desk. The paper you draw your points on is transparent. You can slide around that transparency as you want, since your choice of points is up to you. But from the perspective of the points on the transparency, the points are fixed but the origin is sliding around. That is what he's referring to by saying the origin is effectively arbitrary.

Once you pick your points, you can put your origin anywhere you want (though the actual mechanic is that you're making new set of points that are appropriately translated with respect to the origin and using them instead)
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