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Question Re: PLA - Need Guidance

Hi Prof. Yaser,

I need help in implementation of PLA in JAVA . How i did it is generate two random points , and calculate the line in ax+by = 1 format.

After this i generate 100 random points and calculate yn of each point and put them in a 100x3 matrix.

I start with a weight vector of size 2 ( 1 for calculating a , other for b) with initial values of zero.

Now i loop through the random point matrix and apply the PLA formula for the misclassified points .

The program stops when there are no misclassified points.

The problem i am facing is for 100 points its not converging quite frequently . And for 10 points it is converging in 2-3 iterations.

So this is my problem professor , can you olease help me in catching what i am missing.

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