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Default Re: Unable to buy the book...

Originally Posted by The_Cthulhu_Kid View Post
which I would sorely love to do. I live in Austria but doesn't have it, my family all live in the uk and it's the same with

I am also credit-cardless so ordering from the US is also not an option. Is there any other way, perhaps with PayPal?

I'd be grateful for any help!

Let me first state that the book is not required for the course, and one can rely on the lectures, slides, and the discussion on this forum. Having said that, there is another option to buy the book on the site using paypal, but in quantities that make the shipping cost reasonable.

I am sorry that some people with no access to Amazon US have difficulty getting the book. This is because the book is self-published. We opted for self-publishing because we wanted to keep the price under $30, and publishers wanted to set a price of $70+.
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