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Default Re: Clarification of Problem 3.1

The problem describes a geometrical region on the plane, half of which is shaded red and the other half blue. You generate 2000 points in this region randomly. If the point (x_1,x_2) lands in the blue region, it is classified blue(+1) and otherwise red(-1). In this way you generate a training data set of 2000 points.

Does that clarify your confusion?

Originally Posted by mileschen View Post
Actually, I could not understand what the learning task of the double semi-circle? It just said that there are two semi-circles of width thk with inner radius rad, separated by sep as shown (red -1 and blue is +1). Then, when we generate the 2000 examples, should we also give each example a corresponding color?

Could anyone possibly demonstrate this question clearly for me? Thanks very much!
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