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Default Re: Confused on question 6.

Sorry, I am also a bit confused on question #6.

Specifically, I want to understand 6(d). It says g returns the opposite of the XOR function: if the number of 1s is odd, it returns 0, otherwise it returns 1.

Here is what I am unclear on. Is the meaning of 6(d) that the hypothesis on set D is simply D, and then outside of D it is this opposite of XOR function? Or is 6(d) trying to define a hypothesis for the entire dataset?

Clearly, 6(d) does the exact wrong thing on D, so by definition there are no target functions that satisfy 6(d) if that's the function defined on the whole dataset. But if he's only describe what g does outside of D, then it's a totally valid target function.

Let me ask my question a different way; perhaps that will be clearer.

For 6(d), is g[0,0,0] = 0 or is g[0,0,0]=1?
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