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Default Re: PLA: Let share nice visualizations

Oh ! Thank you for clarifying this point.

Actually no, I was randomly choosing one f and training set, and then running 1000 PLA on these.
The variation in convergence speed were coming from the randomly selected misclassified point at each step.

Indeed, on re-reading hw1.pdf more carefully, I see that you mention "In each run, choose a random line in the plane as your target function...".

Now for each of the 1000 runs, I randomly choose a single f and training set and then run on PLA on them.
The convergence speed is now very stable, and the questions 7 and 9 do not seem ambiguous any longer.

As I already have submitted, I know that I probably get the correct results for questions 7, 8, and 10. But not for question 9! So there is still something puzzling... If by experience you have an idea about my probable mistake, I would be grateful for your insight (In fact, I already am for your first answer).
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