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Default Re: PLA: Let share nice visualizations

@Clarkfitzg, thx !

Here is another graph of the PLA (N=50), plotted with octave.

Remark: In terms of convergence speed, for 1000 runs, as requested in questions 7,9, I find surprisingly different results from one trial (1000 runs) to the next (I use the rand() from octave). In my view, the difference makes it debatable as to which answer is "correct" (since only one is correct officially). I would tick 2 letters if I could. Am I the only one facing this issue ? Have I made some obvious mistake ? Or is it just a consequence of the imperfect multi choice form of the homework (Let nobody misunderstand me, I find the subject very interesting, the course VERY well presented, and the professor passionate and VERY engaging. By the way THANK YOU for putting your class online ! ) ?
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