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Thank you VERY MUCH for this great course ("the real course, not a watered down version") !! Indeed, it proved more work than I anticipated, but I feel what I learnt will stay. Clearly, it was way better than just a collection of recipes. I found the approach the very right balance between theory and practice. I appreciated the learning path your have chosen, the rigor in each reasoning step (going as far as possible with intuition and then calling out clearly identified mathematical methods), and hey, they were entertaining !! I found the book a very useful reference too. All in all, close to perfect, in my view. Here is the grade I would give you: 9.99/10

Having been able to follow this superb course 9 time zones away from Caltech, while I have quite a busy life is a marvelous feast of technology !

I understand this is the final session of the course. I was just about to strongly recommend it... May I ask why ? Too much time to conduct ? Are you busy on other projects ? Or are you thinking of changing the format ?

Anyway, I sincerely thank you and your team !
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