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Originally Posted by jforbes View Post
Geometrically, one can find a w1, w2, and b which define the separating plane. Clearly you get the same plane if you multiply w1, w2, and b by some constant A. In the SVM formalism A was fixed so that w.z+b=1 at the nearest positive point.

Do we need to
-choose the w1, w2, and b which define the correct plane AND have the correct A, or
-is it sufficient to choose one of the infinitely many w1, w2, and b which define the correct plane without necessarily having the correct normalization A?
It is the latter, with no normalization needed. Since the wording of the problem asks for what values specify the plane, a set of values that does specify the plane would be the correct answer and if none of them does then it's none of the above.
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