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Default Re: PLA - Need Guidance

w0 is definitely supposed to be initialized to zero, so there's a logic error in your code somewhere. If whether or not you converge depends on the initial value, you're probably not actually updating w0. w0 should update every iteration.

It would be helpful if you can run a 1-trial test and manually examine the results of every iteration (see what the new weights are, how many points are currently misclassified.) This is really easy to do in the language I'm using but I'm not familiar with Java. You could probably print out the values or graph them visually.

Either way, changing the trials from 1000 to 1 and stepping through the algorithm may show you an obvious source of error. Then once one trial gives you the results you're supposed to get, doing multiple trials should work out cleanly. If you still can't figure out what's going wrong, then you could post here the output of the program for one trial.
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