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Default I can't understand the aim of rating movies example

To introduce learning from data, the book brings an example of "predicting how a movie viewer would rate the various movies". However, in the rest it talks about all movies by all viewers.

First, I think it is not a good example! Any person has different criteria to rate a movie, if we learn how an individual rate a movie we can't generalize it to others, every one has his own taste. In my opinion, we can only learn how a certain viewer rate a movie considering his own history (or people like him) and not the history of others.

Also in the historical rating data we don't have information about people, we just know which score they gave to a movie, we have the movie's features but not the person's features. Then how are we supposed to learn form this data in this situation.

I think a better introductory example was to focus on a problem like credit approval, in which the decision is made by considering the history (features) of all customers and can be generalized to a new customer.

Please guide me what was your purpose and your point of bringing the movie rating example? or is it something that I didn't get.
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