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Default Re: PLA - Need Guidance

Originally Posted by mvellon View Post
I think I've got the PLA working correctly, but I'm not sure that I can see how w0 ends up being anything other than 1, 0 or -1. Is this correct?

if w = w + xn*yn, but x0 always is 1 and yn is 1 or -1, then w0 is only ever going to change by 1 or -1. No?

(Correction: w0 only ever changes by 1 or -1)
You are correct, and the result is that w_0 will always be an integer under this scheme. However, if the entire vector {\bf w} is scaled up or down, the separating line it represents does not change, so the {\bf w} you get is equivalent to other {\bf w}'s in which w_0 is not an integer.
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