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Default Assistance requested for "mature" learner


Part of my motivation in taking this course is to relearn coding to render tangible and useful my conceptual and mathematical understanding of some of the ML methods.

Unfortunately, it's been a while (decades) since I've done any coding to speak of (although I have found proven to myself that any procedural or declarative aspect of coding are still deeply embedded in my thinking, e.g., I have successfully coded some trivial stuff in Java recently). What I am certain I will have problems with is: I/O especially reading off of the web or data bases, i.e., anything but flat files.

Might anyone recommend to me:
1. Platforms (that are either free or fairly inexpensive)
2. Preferred languages (that are either free or fairly inexpensive)
3. Websites where I might find some code fragments to get me going and build off of.
4. Websites with examples and data.
5. What everyone else is doing that is considered optimal or near-optimal.

Anyone who is willing to take a more tutorial/collaborate interest in the request would be greatly appreciated. I would be happy to explore things I might offer you in return.


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