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Default Re: Lecture 18 - questions

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have taken this class, and wish to thank our prof Yaser Abu-Mostafa and the TAs and anyone else involved in making this course available. This has been a wonderful learning experience. And to be able to take this sitting in the comfort of my own living room.. How cool is that?!

Last fall semester I took Andrew Ng's ML class (up until this class I would have said that it was the best course I ever took; now it's a toss-up!). This class has very nicely complemented what prof Ng covered there. It was nice to see more of the mathematics behind the algorithms. Also I've enjoyed the HW (once I got over feeling I needed to get 100% on everything), and found those problems to be an excellent learning experience. The insights Yaser has shared have been both profound and will prove profoundly useful in applying ML to real-world data. I look forward to pursuing further studies in ML. What fun!

I'm sure that many are curious about the future status of this class... Will this course be offered again in the future? Are there plans to offer any other Caltech classes online like this?
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