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Default Thank you for a great course!

A BIG Thank You to Prof. Yaser Abu-Mostafa for a brilliant course. I enjoyed it right from the start (took me slightly more than a month to read the book, listen to the lectures and attempt (most ) of the assignments). I did this in spite of having a very busy and challenging day job only because of the quality of the book and Prof. Abu-Mostafa's lectures. Thank you again, Professor!

Lecture 18 recommended a few topics for follow up: Bayesian theory, Graphical models, Aggregation and Reinforcement.

I am looking for good books / lectures on those topics. Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning by David Barber appears to be a good book. I am interested in both theory and practice. I want to use ML professionally as a data scientist (which I am not right now), so practical would be better. I have a Math. background, so always appreciate the theory but I want to use ML at work. Any recommendations for packages and books will be appreciated. I recently purchased Data Mining with R by Luis Torga.

Thank you!
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