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Default To Yaser and all those who made this course possible

I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your wonderful gift.

Through your hard work and astute use of technology, you've provided us the opportunity to experience the full impact of a high-caliber Caltech class, including excellent lectures, interaction with the professor, challenging homework, even more challenging final exam.

Kudos to everyone for a well-organized class that allowed me to make optimal use of time invested.

Yaser -- your evident enthusiasm and clear communication motivated me to persevere and solve the problem sets and the final exam. It was inspiring to notice the care and time you took out of your busy schedule to answer everyone's questions in the forum.

Particularly convenient was the availability of the lectures in H.264 format, which allowed me to view them at leisure on my mobile phone (mounted on my windshield!) on my long commute to and from work.

The forum was a terrific feature of this course -- the level of contributions in the comments from other students was unexpectedly high; the forum provided additional opportunities to assimilate the course material.

I must add that this is the best course I have ever taken, even going back to my days as a Caltech undergrad.

Many thanks, and
all the best to everyone

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